Students Exiting College for Financial Reasons Among the Least Likely to Return to Campus and Graduate

Public perception of colleges and universities has varied widely among Americans for years…especially among those who paused.

The value of a college education on the American worker

Thousands of high school students graduate every year and most decide to go on to try college…because they have been led to believe that success in college will translate into success in life.

Millions of Americans have bought full stock in this, the myth of the meritocracy, which can be far more dangerous if one is unaware of how this mentality effects all areas of American society.

Meritocracy, Handicap and Free Will —

As they enter college, some stick with it and finish that which they started. Others had little to no idea of how to make a higher education experience meaningful and rewarding. Forced remote learning during the pandemic only deepened already entrenched disparities in education.

To take it even further, we’re looking at about 15 years of people struggling to…