Racial Climate on Campus Still Largely Responsible for Shaping Life on Campus for Latino College Students

Despite recent gains in access to higher education, only a small percentage of young Latino adults under 25 hold bachelor’s degrees.

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Research by Hurtado and Carter (1997) revealed how the racial climate at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) affects Latino students’ sense of belonging and academic success.

Examining the Effects of Campus Climate, Ethnic Group Cohesion, and Cross-Cultural Interaction on Filipino American Students’ Sense of Belonging in College | Semantic Scholar

Attracting a Latino student to a college campus by promising them upward social mobility in return for hard work and rule adherence is relatively easy.

Ensuring their academic success is something different.

In the nearly 30 years following the publication of Hurtado and Carter’s work, the number of Latino students attending two- and four-year colleges has tripled, driven by the pursuit of better employment opportunities and financial security, especially following the 2007 economic recession.