Persistent Imposter Syndrome is Evidence of Sustained and Prolonged Systemic Racism in Higher Education

by Mofiyinfoluwa (Fiyin) Adekoya and Dr. Benjamin M. Drury

NOTE: If you are a parent, try and remember the last time you made cookies or pancakes. If you are not, go ahead and head to the fridge or close your eyes and play along with us.

Speaking from experience, I know this picture serves as a metaphor, unfortunately, for my reality as a member of an underrepresented community…and I can imagine it is similar to many others.

Mental health seminar: impostor syndrome | Henry Ford College

Picture this — you are holding in your hands a precious egg.

Then, imagine before you a path filled with mockers and people who are actively working to destroy your egg; a treacherous minefield of hazards and potential problems at every turn.

On the periphery, you see those who also have eggs, and the added benefit of “privilege” in the form of an incubator for their eggs to grow and eventually shine. Through this path, you must show your egg’s beauty and constantly battle those trying to break it.

Imagine bringing your egg to a space thinking that you will be able to fit in and feel comfortable. You suddenly see that everyone else has an egg, and you start to feel they are staring at your egg. You are not sure if they want…