Mandatory Paid Family Leave Would Alleviate the Financial Strain for a Growing Population of College Students with Children

Balancing work, family, and school can be particularly challenging for adult students, and the lack of paid parental leave exacerbates these difficulties.

The State of Paid Family and Medical Leave in the U.S. in 2024 — Center for American Progress

For many adult students, juggling multiple responsibilities becomes overwhelming, leading to stress and potential burnout. Paid parental leave could significantly alleviate these pressures by providing much-needed support during critical family moments.

For starters, paid leave would offer financial stability to parents who are starting off that would allow adult students to take time off without worrying about losing income.

For Student Parents, The Biggest Hurdles to A Higher Education are Costs and Finding Child Care — The Education Trust

Income stability is crucial for those who are trying to manage tuition costs, household expenses, and childcare. With paid leave, students can focus on their studies and family without…