Freedom University is an Abolitionist Education Model to Serve the Needs of our Most Vulnerable Students

In Georgia, Freedom University started in response to the starkly restrictive laws preventing undocumented students from accessing higher education.

Freedom University provides education for immigrants

In decade following their journey from Athens to Atlanta, Freedom University has nurtured over 300 graduates. Many of the students fought their way into colleges with full scholarships, becoming torchbearers for the cause of educational equity serving the needs of undocumented students in the United States.

Many graduates of Freedom University are forced to languish in anonymity for their safety while attending school.

Most students faced some level of harrowing journey to reach the United States, only to find most pathways to upward social mobility blocked by bureaucracy.

All students, including undocumented students, in the United States are eligible to complete high school. Typically, towards the end of senior year when all their peers are preparing for college in the Fall, the crushing realization of ineligibility for federal aid begins to settle in.

Freedom University has turned weekends into an intellectual refuge, contrasting starkly with…